KSi VariRate – Loss-in-Weight Seed Metering

Increase accuracy and eliminate calibration with KSi VariRate seed flow control.

KSi VariRate is a simple loss-in-weight seed flow control solution utilizing a Variable Position Gate to accurately deliver a requested seed flow rate, regardless of seed size.



  • Eliminates need for seed calibration, no matter seed size or variety
  • Easily incorporated into any treating system that has a scaling hopper (without adding any height)
  • Variable Position Gate can repeat-ably find the same position within 1/100 inch
  • System monitors rate-of-change from scale at 10x per second
  • Available in stand-alone version (KSi VariRate Controller) for seed flow control only, or fully integrated with KSi AutoTreat to precisely
    • Chemical rate (oz or mg) relates directly to weight (lbs) of seed, which eliminates need for volumetric conversion and can increase treating accuracy
    • System immediately senses and responds to seed flow restrictions by automatically adjusting chemical pumps to match liquid flow rates to changing seed flow rate