KSi SeedConnex® – Web-Based Data Solution

Take state-of-the-art KSi Automation control systems to a new level with web-based data management and third-party integration and data exchange.


KSi SeedConnex® is a web-based data solution that allows for a seed treat- ment location to have its data available from anywhere, anytime. Information such as inventory, transactions, and accuracy can now be accessed from anywhere that has internet access.



  • Web-based data management solution to access treatment data from anywhere, anytime.
  • Integrates with v4 KSi Automation control systems (KSi AutoTreat™, KSi AutoBatch or KSi AutoLiquid)
  • Customer information import/export
  • Seed and liquid setup (with low level text/email alerts)
  • Recipe control and management
  • Advanced reporting
  • Tiered, password-protected access tie multiple treatment sites together into one report
  • Create recipes through KSi SeedConnex® and push them down to each treatment facility
  • View treatment accuracy data for each seed treatment location