KSi BatchController

KSi fosters a spirit of quality and innovation in all that we do.


From the revolutionary cleated belt design that launched the company to today’s state-of-the-art automation systems which continue to redefine the industry with each new development, KSi continues to look for ways to meet and exceed expectations.

The same technology that is found in KSi Automation has been integrated into our Batch Controller. The KSi Batch Controller provides a cost effective way to efficiently, accurately and easily deliver seed into your scale hopper.


  • Seed Mode Select – Can run in lbs/lbs, units/lbs, or units/seed count
  • Auto Calibrate – The system will automatically calibrate each bin with a push of a button
  • Plug and Play – No wiring necessary as all devices are simply plug and play
  • Includes
    • Touch Screen Controller
    • Air Manifold
    • Slip Ticket Printer
    • Keyboard
    • Conveyor Interlock for Safety