KSi BasicTreat

KSi BasicTreat software provides the core accuracy and control features of the industry-leading KSi AutoTreat platform in an economical package.

With its simplified interface and basic operation, KSi BasicTreat offers a reliable and efficient option for seed treatment automation.



KSi BasicTreat

  • Easy-to-use
  • Recipe-based treatment control
    • oz/unit or oz/100
    • Volumetric (flow meter) control
    • Slurry tank or direct keg draw
  • Operator control and feedback
    • Live oz/min display
    • Motor fault alerts
  • Parameters and settings
    • Liquid calibration tools
    • Pump settings (up to 4 pumps)
    • Auxiliary control
    • Timers
    • Imperial and metric
    • Language translation
  • Limited data management tools
    • Manual reset for totals
      (after a run(s), at end of the day, … operator’s choice)
    • Transaction data w/ time stamp saved to SD card
  • 7” Panel-mounted touch screen
  • KSi Basic VariRate (LIW) or
    Seed Wheel seed flow control
  • Uses upgrade-able pump stands
  • KSi SC Applicator (standard) and
    KSi 4808NGA Applicator (option)