KSi AutoBulk

Flexible configuration with a user-friendly interface highlights next generation in bulk handling control.

KSi AutoBulk bulk handling software leverages technology for accurate, high-capacity loading and delivery.



Today’s bulk delivery systems require complex chemical mixes, combinations, and liquid fertilizer and/or water blends, while still demanding accuracy and the capacity to quickly load trucks and get them out the door. KSi AutoBulk offers an innovative design, including

· Optimizes equipment/hardware design with user-friendly interface.

· Simultaneously handles multiple measurement devices, including mass flow sensors, pulse meters, scales, weigh tanks, …

· Flexible Networking Configuration uses Ethernet connections from main control panel with wireless connections from PLC boxes to air-actuated valves for flexibility in layout and installation of equipment.

· Designed with fail-safe, back-up manual operation.

· 24/7 in-season remote Call Support.

* Available exclusively through FarmChem – (800) 247-1854