KSi AutoTreat / KSi AutoTreat+

KSi AutoTreat+ offers the latest version of the most robust, flexible, user-friendly seed treatment automation system available.

Ongoing software updates ensure the most current version of KSi AutoTreat, available with a KSi EDGE Subscription.

Brochure – KSi AutoTreat +

Brochure – KSi EDGE Subscription

Brochure – KSi Automation Software


KSi AutoTreat+

  • Ongoing Software Updates
  • Flexible Barcode Operations
  • Container Info/Reporting/Tracking
  • Recipes and Product Mapping
  • Automated Slurry Building w/
    Total Slurry Accuracy
  • Faster PLC Processing and Precision
  • Global Seed Wheel Cup Weights
  • Real-Time Accuracy Trend Graphs
  • Transactional QR Codes
  • Automated Auxiliary Control


  • Easy-to-use
  • Recipe-based treatment control
    • oz/unit, mg AI/seed or oz/100
    • Slurry tank or direct keg draw
    • Volumetric (flow meter) or gravimetric (LIW) flow control
  • 19” MS Windows-based touch screen w/ swivel arm mount
  • Data Management tools
    • Recipes, customers and orders
    • Treatment transaction data
    • Historical accuracy and trends
  • Safety—Arc Flash protection design
  • KSi VariRate (LIW) or Seed Wheel seed flow control