KSi BulkPack

Easily and accurately repackage seed into mini-bulk bags or boxes.

With this unit, a single operator can fill bags or boxes in individual batches or by releasing “shots” from a larger hopper or even from a continuous fill process (where the platform scale and controller package work together to release the correct amount into each bag). The adjustable frame accommodates various sizes of bags or boxes and allows easy access for inserting and removing the bags or boxes using a forklift.


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The KSi BulkPack Unit offers seed sellers an automated system for efficiently and accurately repackaging seed into mini-bulk bags or boxes. The unit includes
  • Surge hopper (from 65-375 units)
  • Adjustable bag-handling frame
  • Inflatable inlet (for preparing and filling bags)
  • Platform scale
  • KSi Automation re-packaging controller