KSi Verdesian FlexConnect System Adaptation Kit

KSi provides a kit designed to take advantage of Verdesian’s FlexConnect inoculant dispersion system, adaptable to any brand of seed treating system.

The system utilizes a 30-gallon stainless steel mix tank with agitation and special brackets for the FlexConnect trays, keeping the inoculant pouches safe and in the proper position for use. The system’s three-way valve allows the operator to draw out of a tank or directly out of the pouches, for maximum system and operator flexibility.



Automation options:
  • Controlled by the KSi AutoTreat system (fully automated controls)
  • Controlled by the KSi AutoLiquid system (liquid metering control only)
  • Controlled by manual, stand-alone controls
Adaptation options:
  • Can use existing pump
  • Can use existing mix tank or replace tanks with a new stainless steel mix tank
The KSi FlexConnect System Adaptation Kit is compatible with any brand of seed treating system equipment.

For more information, please call 888.574.3277 and ask for FlexConnect Technical Sales.