KSi MultiFlow Continuous Scaling System

KSi MultiFlow provides operators with a flexible treating solution capable of meeting high-capacity needs.


The innovative KSi MultiFlow continuous flow scaling solution utilizes dual 80-unit or 120-unit scales for order flexibility and capacity throughput. The system can be stacked or staged; the open superstructure allows complete access in-and-around the treater for easy maintenance and operation of equipment.



  • Continuous Treating – The dual scale and the KSi Automation MultiFlow software fills one hopper while the other hopper is discharged to the treating system, switching back-and-forth until finished.
  • Backup Scale – In case of a load cell failure, one scale hopper can be taken offline, allowing the operator to continue to treat through the working scale hopper
  • High-Capacity System – When paired with a KSi 4808NGA Seed Applicator, operators can treat/load a semi-truck in less than 20 minutes
  • The KSi MultiFlow system and associated KSi Automation packages are NTEP-Certified as an Automated Bulk Weighing System (ABWS).