KSi Hoppers – Surge / Scaling / Staging

NTEP-Certified design with KSi quality and durability.

KSi Hoppers are built to last. Designed to scale and hold seed in stand-alone setups or bulk systems, KSi hoppers are engineered to precise specifications and NTEP-Certified. Hoppers come in multiple sizes and feature powder-coated construction and details, such as ladders, forklift pockets, and certification weight hooks.



  • Hopper sizes from 65 to 375 units
  • NTEP-Certified design
  • Powder-coated paint
  • Single batching operations (65-to 375-unit batch hoppers) or multiple hopper scaling/batching options (KSi MultiFlow system)
  • Optional accessories – seed ladders, forklift pockets, air gates/chain gates, certification weight hooks, leg extensions, safety ladders,…
  • Staging hoppers for post-treating staging and drying – 65 to 375-unit hoppers with air and vibration options
  • Accommodate staged or stacked seed treatment system layouts
  • Sidewall extensions allow for easy capacity expansion of 150-unit base hopper