4808NGA Seed Applicator

Accurate initial treatment application + innovative conditioning process = optimum plant-ability and marketable appearance.


The KSi 4808NGA Seed Applicator features patented technology and design elements focused on accurate initial chemical application and a progressive seed conditioning and polishing process that results in uniform seed coverage, reduced stickiness, and marketable appearance with reliable plant-ability.






  • Accurate initial chemical application
    • Large, thin, uniform, “seed curtain” flows around precisely designed atomizing disc with consistent chemical dispersion for uniform seed coating
  • Engineered drum design
    • Innovative process mixes, polishes, and dries before dynamically discharging conditioned seed through the center of the drum for optimum plant-ability and highly marketable appearance
  • KSi Automation integration
  • KSi VariRate™ (loss-in-weight) or Seed Wheel (volumetric) seed metering control
  • Convenient access/inspection
  • Drum discharge lowers head height and allows easy conveyor alignment
  • Quick drum clean-out (30-50 sec) for fast throughput
  • 600-2,500 lb/min
  • 48″x 8′ Drum

KSi Portable Unit available (loaded with standard equipment)