03PRO SC Applicator

Patented KSi atomization and gentle handling form the core of a new, breakthrough application technology.


KSi gentle seed conditioning and accurate application now in a flexible, high-capacity, economical package.






Utilizing the patented designs of the KSi Applicator Atomizer and the gentle KSi Static Mixing Belt Conveyor, the KSi 03PRO SC Applicator delivers accurate treatment application at an economical price point.


  • Patented KSi Atomizer design for accurate initial chemical application
    • Thin, uniform, “seed curtain” flows around engineered atomizing disc with even, consistent chemical dispersion for accurate initial application
  • 600 – 2,000 lb/min
  • Patent-Pending KSi Static Mixing Conveyor (SMX) for gentle seed mixing and transfer with no cross contamination
  • KSi Automation options with KSi VariRate

KSi SC Applicators leverage proven, patented KSi technology.