John Deere Mounted Options

KSi offers conveyance solutions for some of John Deere’s most prominent planting product lines.

(Commodity Air Cart photos courtesy of John Deere)

Contact your local John Deere Dealer for ordering information.

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John Deere Commodity Air Cart – Low Profile Hopper Option:

John Deere has partnered with KSi to provide a low-profile hopper for operators who fill carts from semi hopper bottoms or who desire full width meter clean out. The hoppers are compatible with all hydraulic conveyance carts (2015 model and newer). The hoppers utilize conveyor belts and are available for both the 255-mm (10-in.) auger and 305-mm (12-in.) conveyor. The hoppers are longer than competitive offerings on similar cart sizes.

The hoppers easily fold over to keep mud and rocks from being slung into the hopper and for tight maneuverability during transport and seeding. During fill and unload, flip the hoppers back over to move product.

Each hopper comes with both a large and small screen for optimizing product flow and catching foreign material during fills. Rubber skirting around the hopper provides flexibility during use and adds capacity to the hopper.