18BDC Overbin Conveyor

KSi improves upon the only proven overbin conveyor in the industry.


Designed for cases where a traditional bin fill conveyor design will not work/fit, the KSi Overbin quietly and efficiently fills multiple bins from a single inlet without cross-contamination or seed damage.



  • Optimal solution for bin configurations that do not allow for conventional bin fill setup
  • Gently moves seed/grain for optimum seed quality and no cross-contamination
  • 18” continuous, smooth belt
  • Custom K-valve discharge spouts
  • Match fill capacity, depending on commodity and bin position
    • Soybeans: up to 4,500 bu/hr
    • Wheat:  up to 3,700 bu/hr
  • Fully enclosed for weather/wind protection and pest control
  • Robust catwalks for safe inspection, alignment and maintenance
  • Flexible design
    • Use on any diameter of bins
    • Adapts to variable bin spacing
    • Seed or grain bins
    • Designed for easy installation
  • Fits most existing 18OB Catwalks

KSi Overbin Conveyors are compatible with layouts for filling with either Bin Fill Conveyors or Grain/Seed Legs.