I’m often asked, “when is the right time to upgrade?” The answer is “it depends,” because each business is unique in their setup, talent pool and philosophy. Some business owners prefer to be on the bleeding edge, while others are late adopters, and there’s a whole spectrum in between. If you’re asking this question, there […]

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5 Reasons to Treat Seed Real Time

More than ever before, we are living in a “real-time world.” CEOs and managers expect to be able to see their financial data or inventory numbers in real time, no matter their location. Consumers expect to login to a computer and see what’s in stock on their local grocer’s shelves. Most recently, Amazon opened its […]

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Give Yourself a Round of Applause

During winter travels, I’ve had the chance to do just that, and I want to applaud the industry as a whole for moving the needle as it relates to grower education and seed treatments. It’s clear to me that growers are taking note and paying attention to the many seminars, educational sessions, one-on-one conversations, brochures […]

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What do Farmers Value?

It wasn’t that long ago when I’d be at a farm show and the majority of attendees wouldn’t say anything to me or my colleagues about seed treatments or the equipment used to treat the seed. Today, farmers recognize the systems in place that contribute to quality seed and performance in the field, and it’s […]

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