KSi Seed Applicator Delivers Efficient, Accurate Rate Application

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With the spring planting season underway or right around the corner for much of the Northern Hemisphere, many KSi customers are firing up their KSi Seed Treatment Systems to meet the demand for just-in-time seed treatment delivery.

The above site in Minnesota will depend on its KSi system to treat and deliver seed with the highest level of accuracy and stewardship available in the industry.

The KSi 4808NGA Seed Applicator’s innovative design and quality craftsmanship focus on accurate initial application of seed treatment to the seed to deliver the most accurate and marketable product available. State-of-the-art KSi AutoTreat automation and controls efficiently operate the entire system from a single user interface, increasing throughput and accuracy by integrating seed flow and liquid flow into a seamless process. The system collects detailed information and precise process data for reporting, analysis, and integration into other business and accounting computer systems.

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