Intellectual Property

KSi launched into the marketplace with an innovative, patented, cleated belt technology that changed an entire industry. Today, KSi continues to develop worldwide patent, patent-pending, and trademarked technologies and properties surrounding our product and service portfolio, including

  • KSi Conveyors Cleated Belt
  • KSi Applicator
  • KSi’s Grain Bin Power Sweep
  • KSi SeedPac Modular Seed Tender

This list is not exclusive and other technology claims are pending legal protection. KSi is a registered trademark of KSi Conveyors, Inc.

KSi does hold licensing and partnership agreements with other manufacturers who realize the value of these Intellectual Property technologies and understand the difference they can make in product performance. Others have chosen to develop similar products that seek to avoid infringement of these protections — with very limited success. Many of KSi’s technology protections are the subtle results of hours of research and development engineering and are often critical to the optimal performance of the equipment. Without these protected technologies, those products tend to lack the quality and reliability of KSi products.