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During winter travels, I’ve had the chance to do just that, and I want to applaud the industry as a whole for moving the needle as it relates to grower education and seed treatments. It’s clear to me that growers are taking note and paying attention to the many seminars, educational sessions, one-on-one conversations, brochures and other resources offered.

More and more, farmers are taking an interest in seed treatments and seed treatment equipment. They are stopping and asking questions. They are knowledgeable. They are interested and inquisitive. Most are not looking to buy their own seed treating equipment or to bring that function in house. Rather, they’re examining what their dealer uses and if it’s up to par with the rest of the industry.

How these questions are answered will shape the future of your business, and the industry as a whole. As seed and seed treatment technologies continue to advance, it’s important that seed dealers and retail locations take the opportunity to answer these questions. Lean in. If these questions are ignored, growers will go somewhere else or end up treating the seed on the farm.


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