5 Reasons to Treat Seed Real Time

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More than ever before, we are living in a “real-time world.” CEOs and managers expect to be able to see their financial data or inventory numbers in real time, no matter their location. Consumers expect to login to a computer and see what’s in stock on their local grocer’s shelves. Most recently, Amazon opened its first store and it doesn’t have cashiers. There’s no waiting; checkout is done real time as customers grab and go. Shoppers are happy because they don’t have to wait in lines and cashiers can be used in other areas. Amazon says they are going to use them to prepare more fresh food options for shoppers.

Farmers are no different; they don’t want to wait on seed when it’s time to put the planter in the field. They want the ability to change their orders if the Mother Nature throws a curve ball. They also expect to be as efficient as possible, and expect the same of you. Here’s five reasons why you should be treating seed real time:

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